Our facilities

We offer properties of various sizes and styles to meet the needs of our clients. The types of properties you choose should depend on how many people are going to stay there. Here are our options

Small house
Price: $375/night

These houses can accommodate 4 people. The living room is very spacious and creates a large welcoming space. It has one double room with en-suite bathroom, one twin room, sitting room and kitchen.

Small cottage
Price: $685/night

These cottages are an idea for 8-12 people. It is suitable for a family get-together, wedding or a big party with friends.You can spend relaxed time by the pool, ride bikes, walk the beautiful trails beside the house, and more.

Medium cottage
Price: $5000/night

These are luxury cottages that can accommodate up to 25 guests. There are 10 ensuite bedrooms.The cottages are located within easy reach of various lakes. These cottages have large gardens where there are courts for games like basketball and soccer.

Large farm houses
Price: $9,500/night

We have a group of luxury farmhouses to accommodate a large group of people. The entire property can accommodate up to 50 people. It has a beautiful open plan for dining and living areas so that everyone can socialize. This venue is perfect for big parties like a wedding or annual corporate get-together.

Our rates fluctuate during peak seasons. The prices mentioned here are the average tariffs. Before you make your plan, call us to know the current prices and availabilities of these properties.