Flowers, The Bouquet, And Your Wedding

Choosing the flowers for your big day can be very exciting. But, there are a few points you may want to consider before you make your decision. Wedding florists Hertfordshire urges you to use this guide.

Consider the flower budget

Generally speaking, about 7 – 8 per cent of the cost of your wedding will be for flowers. You would do well to consider using flowers that will be in season and using a combination of flowers and some greenery, in order to control the costs. Bouquet ideas are available at  Some couples use a combination of real and silk flowers; this may be an option for you, too. Wedding florists Hertfordshire has a variety of floral packages to suit any budget.

Consider the reception site

Your reception site is like a blank canvass. Your reception venue determines how many flowers will be needed to decorate it. If it is a garden, then you will not need too many floral arrangements. If it is one big empty room, then things might get complicated. Wedding florists Hertfordshire will give you many ideas about how to accentuate your big day with flowers.

Consider your wedding dress

Your gown determines what kind of bouquet you will need to carry. Most florists consider the wedding dress as the main focus of the day so it will be a good idea to tell the florist about the theme or style of your wedding.
Will your wedding be traditional or are you planning a Hawaiian type luau? Different themes will require different flower needs. You can opt to show the florist a picture of your wedding dress. This will give the florist an idea of how his designs can highlight or accentuate your theme. Wedding florists Hertfordshire has the floral design expertise that will make your wedding day memorable.

Consider the number of guests

Size does matter! How many guests are you expecting? The number of guests will determine the number of tables which will determine the number of centrepieces needed. How many members of the entourage will need flowers: groom, the best man, and the bridesmaids? This will all impact on the price range of your flower package. Wedding florists Hertfordshire is always ready to offer suggestions to make your task easier.

Once you have all the information, it is time for you to order your flowers. When it comes to the flowers though, make sure you pay attention to suggestions by your flower designer. Also, make sure the flower designer is paying attention to you. If you have ideas that you want implemented, insist on them but do not disregard the advice of the florist. Be realistic, the florist has more experience. Ask them for their suggestions.

Now you need to approach your chosen florist. During your interaction, discuss any contingency plan, in case the flowers you have chosen arent available on the big day for one reason or another. If your wedding date is within the very busy wedding season, some flowers may suddenly become very expensive or the other flowers you may have wanted may just have had a very bad growing season; you need to ensure that the florist is prepared. A reputable florist, like wedding florists Hertfordshire, has contingency plans for any sudden situation that may arise.

You would do well to insist on receiving a formal, written, quotation on letterhead. Make sure every detail that has been agreed upon is included.

Remember that once you accept the quote, you may have to pay a deposit. Make sure that all flower delivery, any labour and the installation costs are covered in the final price.

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