Uncommon House Repairs That Can Be Costly

For every homeowner, one of their biggest fears would be the unnoticed damages that need an immediate repair.  Simple issues such as a leaky roof and clogged gutter can lead to water damage that will cost you an arm and leg.  Maintenance would be the perfect way to avoid these unforeseen expenses.  An hour of cleaning your gutter can help you avoid repairs that come with an excessive price tag.


List of Uncommon House Repairs That Will Break the Bank


To help you mitigate the repairs cost, make sure that you pay attention to this list.  Observe if there are some signs of minor damage that needs repair.  Keeping it in a proper condition can prevent the depreciation of your property’s value.


Foundation Repairs

Water is definitely one of the worst enemies of your property.  It will penetrate deeply into the structure and settle on the base of your foundation.   The moisture level in your foundation is the perfect breeding ground for molds which can compromise the durability of your property.  It will significantly weaken the foundation of your structure which can lead to cracking of the walls.  Repairing or sealing these crack can start from $10,000 and increase up to $40,000 based on the study of House Logic.  In order to avoid these expenses, make sure that the surface around your house is slope that will keep the water away from your property.


Roof Repairs

While some of us will focus entirely on the damages in our foundation, we should not necessarily neglect our roof.  Similar with our foundation, our roof is also highly vulnerable against leak.  Spot leaks and lost shingles are simple to fix that cost a couple of hundred dollars.  However, if you neglected your roof and the water damage becomes too severe, you might need to replace your whole roof.  The average cost can start form approximately $3,000 to $12,000.  With regular maintenance and prevention system, you will be able to avoid this costly repair.  A comprehensive analysis on the condition of your roof every 6 months is also recommended.


Siding Replacement

In case your house is fully or partially surrounded with vinyl, aluminum or wood siding, water can easily penetrate that damaged portion which can result to interior damages, mold, rotting and insect invasion.  Spot repairs will generally cost cheaper; however, full replacement can easily increase up to $10,000. Just like inspecting the roof for every six months, we also encourage you to walk around your house and check the condition of your siding twice a year.


Most homeowners will have their heart (and bank) broken, once they noticed a defect on their property.  Some of them are also not aware of the proper measures needs to be taken in order to repair these damages.  In the event that they saw a spot leak on their ceiling, they are mostly clueless if they should repair a certain portion or replace the whole part.  This lack of knowledge also contributes to the increasing cost of repair.